• Gender Reveal

    Gender Reveal Session

    03 :: 03 :: 2018

    Of all the fun sessions I have been able to do, this one was at the top! I got to know this couple briefly on our short walk to this scenic spot and they are really a fun pair seem to be totally in sync with each other. I love seeing couples so in love with each other and watching as their hearts grow as they get to find out more about their soon to arrive baby.

    Together we got to find out the sex of their baby. No rain clouds were going to keep us from finding out this big news!

    For about 1 minute I was the only one who knew and could not contain my excitment as I handed them the correct color of the smoke gernade made for this type of photoshoot. As they waited for the big ok to pull the wire I got to watch how excited they were- so many emotions!

    The beautiful smoke color started to appear and I told them to look back.

    Well, you see what happened after that!

    I am so excited for them and can not wait for their maternity session in early summer! Feel free to share and comment your thoughts!

    Gender reveal maternity session at Swan Falls with Boise photographer Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyGender reveal smoke bomb with Engola Gaye Gender reveal maternity session on the snake river canyon with Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyFun gender reveal session with Boise photographer Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyHappy couple gender reveal session with smoke bombs and gorgeous Idaho sceneryGorgeous couple on a cliff with smoke bombs with Huckleberry Cloud Photography of Boise IdahoBoise maternity photographer with couple for gender reveal session- Huckleberry Cloud Photography

  • Mountain Engagement Session

    Love is an adventure!

    10 :: 01 :: 2017

    I am all for big life events and family milestones- that includes the moments leading up to tying the knot! Celebrating this moment with this amazing, fun couple was certainly an honor. To say we got some interesting weather within our hour session would be putting it simply. On a very cloudy day our session started off with the clouds breaking free for some gorgeous evening light only to turn quickly into a really dense mountain fog. Soon though, the snow clouds rushed in (seriously out of no where) and we began to be snowed on for the last part of our session. That didn't stop us from having a great time and these two just rolled with it and embraced it all. When you think about it for a bit, it kinda discribes what marriage is really like -unpredictable, a mix of showers and sunshine and enjoying all the in between hand in hand. One reason out of many why this high-school sweetheart couple is so meant to be!

    Here is a little bit from their dreamy session!

    Moutnain Engagement session in Boise Idaho with photographer Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyCouple enbracing at the top of the Boise mountains Boise Photographer capturing a playful moment during a couple's mountain engagement sessionBeautiful fall mountain session with Huckleberry Cloud Photography with couple enbracing on top of a rocky cliffDetails shots of engagement ring and couple showing emotion during their mountain engement session with Boise PhotographerCouple embracing during their autumn engagement session on top of the mountainsCouple's engagment session on a mountian top with Huckleberry Cloud Photography in Boise Idaho

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  • Canyon Maternity Session

    Snake River Canyon Maternity Session

    07 :: 01 :: 2017

    Early this year Huckleberry Cloud Photography was listed among Expertise's Best Maternity Photographers in Boise list. What an amazing honor and I am so thankful for that especially when it brings me families like this one! This amazing duo is expecting their first child any day now and I am so thrilled for them. Hands down one of my top 3 favorite maternity sessions ever- which is saying something as all my sessions are my new favorites! Here's a look into the session gallery. You will notice the love and connection between these two amazing soon to be parents!


    Maternity couples session with huckleberry cloud photography in kuna idahoLifestyle maternity session in the snake river canyon in kuna idaho with huckleberry cloud photography from boiseSunset Swan Falls maternity session with Huckleberry Cloud Photography based in Boise Idaho.A maternity session with one of the best maternity photographers in Boise- Huckleberry Cloud Photography Maternity session with Huckleberry Cloud Photography at Swan Falls Damn in Boise Idaho.An amazing professional maternity session with Boise's Huckleberry Cloud Photography overlooking canyon cliffs.Boise's premier maternity photographer Huckleberry Cloud Photography

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  • Beautiful Winter Maternity Session

    Boise Mountain Winter Maternity Session

    12 :: 10 :: 2016

    For those of us who are pregnant this winter or already have a winter baby (me!), we know it has it's perks and downfalls. While finding a jacket that fits might be a difficulty a snowy maternity session sure is something on the plus side! There is just something about the pregnancy glow amongst the naturally white backdrop that is enchanting. While searching for the perfect location for this maternity session, this ski resort was something we kept coming back to. I speak for all of us when I got a little giddy as we drove up past all the valley fog and saw a gorgeous blue sky and snow absolutely everywhere- untouched and beautiful. Thank you for visiting and taking a peek at this maternity session~ it is so full of love!!

    Boise's Best Maternity PhotographerBoise's Best Maternity PhotographerBoise Maternity and Newborn PhotographerBoise Maternity and Newborn PhotographerBoise Maternity and Newborn PhotographerBoise's Premier Maternity PhotographerBoise Maternity Session in the snow

    Thank you again to this wonderful couple for joining me on such a fun session to celebrate their soon to arrive son! I can not wait to meet him for his first photo in February! 


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  • Sand Dunes Enagement Session

    Engagement Celebration on the Sand Dunes

    10 :: 12 :: 2016

    I could not be happier for these two and I am so honored to follow them on this grand adventure capturing all the little moments they are going to share. I don't do many engagements or weddings but when I do, I really go all out and this is just the beginning of our amazing plans! Naomi, thank you for allowing me in on your big news and asking me to help create the memories for it!  Here is a little peek into our session on the gorgeous sand dunes of the Bruneau State Park!

    Boise Engagement Photographer at the Sand DunesBoise Photographer at the sand dunes for an engagement sessionBoise Engagement session at the sand dunesBoise Photographer for Engagement and wedding sessions- sand dunesBoise Engagement Photographer- Bruneau Sand DunesRomantic Sand Dunes Engagement session- Boise Engagement PhotographerRomantic Sand Dune Engagement Session- Boise Engagement PhotographerBoise Engagement Photographer- Sand Dunes


    Congratulations again Naomi and Brent! I can not wait for the winter mountain wedding! So grateful for this splendid opportunity and for everyone who allows me to follow my dreams! Email me at contact@huckleberrycloudphotography.com for booking availablility in 2017! 

  • Mountain Top Wedding- Boise

    Wedding Session in the Boise Mountians

    09 :: 29 :: 2016

    Just looking through these images was so emotional for me as this couple was just so naturally in love! No incentives to smile or look a certain way- just themselves in love! For me- this is possibly my favorite session to date as there was just so much feeling involved in addition to how much trust this couple had in me to make this happen for them. I could not have asked for a better pair of love birds! 

    This session took place late September just a week before their ceremony to bind themselves together, and everything just fell into place. Here's a little look at some of the highlights and beautiful moments this newly wed couple have to hold onto forever.


    Boise Engagement Photographer- Boise Mountain WeddingBoise Engagement PhotographerBoise Engagement and Bridal PhotographerBoise Engagement and Bridal Photographer, Mountain Wedding in BoiseBoise Engagement and Bridal Photographer- Boise Mountain PhotosessionBoise Engagement and Bridal Photographer- Mountain Engagement SessionBoise Engagement and Bridal Photographer- Boise Mountain PhotosessionBoise Engagement and Bridal Session- Bogus Mountain PhotosessionBoise Engagement and Bridal Session at Bogus Basin MountainBoise Engagement and Bridal Photographer at Bogus Basin Mountain LookoutBoise Engagement and Bridal Photographer- Bogus Wedding Photography

    Huge congratulations to this gorgeous couple- I am so happy they found each other, they are perfection! Another congratulations on the new addition coming next year- two bouncing boys will make your loving home full of even more laughter and adventure! 


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  • Farmland Maternity Session: Boise

    Chelsey: Maternity Session

    September 2016

    I get so excited to see families grow and get to capture it happening. Session packages are a timeline of photographs that tell the story of events, this is why I love offering packages from maternity sessions to first birthdays! A big thing is that I know how long those days and nights are the first months but the first year comes and goes so quickly! Ask me how I have an almost 3 year old! I can't believe it! 

    This couple is no different and I already feel so excited for their son's arrival so I can swaddle him and capture those new features! Mason better take his time growing up but I know his mom is eagerly waiting to hold him! Here's a glimpse of her stunning maternity session!

    Boise Maternity PhotographerBoise Maternity Photographer

    I love shooting sessions here at this destination! So scenic and this garden feels like a fairy tale all year round! 

    Boise Maternity Photographer on a Farm with a barnBoise maternity session with a barnBoise Maternity Session with a BarnBoise Maternity Session with a BarnBoise Maternity Session with a Barn

    Every woman should feel as beautiful as she is... especially when she is doing the amazing task of growing the one you love most! I always love encorporating maternity gowns into sessions but this isn't necessary- or it can be all we do, totally ok with that!!!  Feel free to send a message to my inbox so we can discuss what makes you feel beautiful! And I will travel :)


    Gown available for future sessions provided by SewWhatGrandma on Etsy.com