• Boise Lumberjack Cake Smash Session

    Lumberjack Smash

    02 :: 24 :: 2018

    Another week, another fun session blog!

    This little man was giving out so much personality at his session! Last fall I did his family's session and it's been awesome to see him add onto his development list over just a small span of time. He went from sitting to running in just a few months! His smile is still just so darn adorable!

    This little guy's mom has many talents- the board and cake are all her!

    I hope you enjoy this! I have ONE spot open for smash cake sessions for March/April - be sure to message me if interested!

    Lumberjack smash cake session with buffalo plaid at Studio Boise Photography CenterAdorable lumberjack buffalo plaid smash cake session done by Boise photographer Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyBoise smash cake photographer Huckleberry Cloud Photography doing a fun lumberjack sessionFun smash cake session done in a boise studio by Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyWoodsy lumberjack smash cake session images by Huckleberry Cloud Photography taking place at Studio Boise Photography Center

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  • Cake Smash Session!

    Pink and Aqua Cake Smash!

    01 :: 06 :: 2017

    Another amazing first birthday session in the books! This smash cake set up was simple but came out fantastic- I love simple but colorful! This was such a pretty cake, it was a shame it got stepped on! Here's a look at one of my many smash cake sessions this month! You have been warned - total cuteness ahead!

    Cake artist- Alchemy Cakes

    Super fun Cake Smash session in Boise that is pink and teal

    super cute pink and teal smash cake session in boise huckleberry cloud photography cake smash for a little girl that includes pink and teal decorBoise Smash Cake Photographeer -Huckleberry Cloud Photography - Cake Smash - BoiseBoise Smash Cake Photographer - Boise Cake Smash Session - Huckleberry Cloud Photography

  • Mickey Mouse Smash Cake Session

    Sebastian Turns ONE

    01 :: 14 :: 2017

    A few weeks ago I was able to meet up with Sebastian and his mom for his last of the first year milestones- a smash cake session! While there are many, many fun milestones ahead for him the first birthday always seems to be really fun, a little bittersweet and sometimes really messy! It's been really fun watching him grow during his milestone sessions and I know I had a blast watching him dig into his birthday cake - as you will see, he certainly did too! This cake was made by Alchemy Cakes and is a local cake artist here in Boise! If you are interested in a cake smash session I really recommend sending a message to her! All of her cakes have been fantastic!

    Boise Cake Smash Photographer with mickey mouseBoise Idaho Cake Smash and First Birthday Photographer - Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyBoise First Birthday PhotographerMickey mouse smash cake first birthday photo sessionmickey mouse smash cake session done by huckleberry cloud photography

    Boise Smash Cake and Bath Photographer with mickey mouse in studio

  • Urban Smash Cake- Boise

    Boise Cake Smash Session (with Ruffles!)

    9 :: 05 :: 2016

    I feel as though I always leave cake smash sessions with a HUGE smile on my face- they are my favorite milestone and one of my very favorite sessions! This particular session is a great reminder of why! I'll let the images speak for themselves on this one!

    Boise Cake Smash Session PhotographerBoise Cake Smash Session PhotographerBoise Cake Smash Photographer

    There was no hesitation from this little lady!

    Boise Cake Smash PhotographerBoise Smash Cake Photographer

    No one is getting this cake back from her!

    Boise Cake Smash Photographer

    And who would want too?! Look at that grin!

    Boise Cake Smash PhotographerBoise Cake Smash Photographer

    Oh yes!! My favorite part! This is perfection!

    Boise Cake Smash PhotographerBoise Cake Smash Photographer

    Such a great session!

    Outfit used during Cake Smash- Boise Bowtique 


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  • Cake Smasher!

    Gentry's Adorable Cake Smash Session 

    08 :: 17 :: 2016

    Oh my goodness... this little girl was the most concentrated and fearless little girl when it came to her cake session! I barely was able to get the first reach as she really just dove in and that was the beginning of the end for that little piggy cake. The theme was way too perfect for this family and that cake!! Here are some highlights from the gallery I just finished and had so much fun I accidently finished it instead of a preview... don't you love when that happens :)

    Boise Photographer

    Ready for the cuteness??

    Boise Smash Cake Photographer

    This lady was so much fun to watch, she was really into it and no bribing was needed. 

    Boise Cake Smash Photographer

    Time to try to make a not so clean get-a-way for this little cowgirl!

    Good thing I have the perfect solution to this messy after session dilemma!

    Boise Smash Cake Photographer with Bath Session

    This beauty had a blast in the bubble bath too! She's such a happy camper!

    Boise Smash Cake Session with Bath

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