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    A few weeks ago I wrapped up my mommy and me sessions for 2017 and they were so successful! This past snowy winter and rainy spring has provided the treasure valley with so many lush greens that usually quickly fade by the end of May.

    This year I decided to do something different for my usual May session giveaway.

    Being a mother is so special, it is impossible to describe in one word. It's just that wonderful. Not to say it has no downsides as it has it's difficult moments, let's be honest. It should be rewarded! I wanted to surprise a local mom with a session with herself and her children. I have this passion about getting moms on camera with their children as so often we are the ones behind the camera (hmmm... *cough* I am probably the biggest offender). I got the idea to ask around to a few local families for a special inspirational mama who might enjoy a mommy and me session this year and overwhelmingly the answer was Bree!

    I was really nervous but messaged her with my idea and well, we were both totally excited about it but I'm not so sure she knew that this would be the outcome. I may have shed a tear after the session because I knew this mom would love these photos even more than I loved them, and that is really saying something. I had to hold it in during the session as to not show all my cards but now I am free to share!

    These children are "strong like mom" and I can certainly tell she is their entire universe and their biggest hero! She just finished finals, did two spartan races (with more coming) and still has the ability to be the worlds greatest mommy to these lucky kiddos! I won't share exact quotes as to why she was nominated but just know she has inspired so many women and mothers to be their strongest! The community pointed me towards the most inspirational woman and I have had a blast creating this with her!

    Please share a kind word below and feel free to share.

    Family Photographer Huckleberry Cloud Photography with Mom and childrenMommy and son photos with Huckleberry Cloud Photography from BoiseMommy and daughter photos with Huckleberry Cloud Photography in the foothills of BoiseMother and children reading a book in a grassy field with Huckleberry Cloud photography - boise photographerMommy and me session. Reading a book in a grassy field at sunset by Huckleberry Cloud Photography in Boise Idaho.



    Vellinda says (May 21, 2017):

    Bree deserves this 110%. She's been there for me through my infertility times and I've been there through her hard times. She's the greatest friend a girl could ask for. And I could only dream to be half the mom she is. I love you Bree.

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