• Gender Reveal

    Gender Reveal Session

    03 :: 03 :: 2018

    Of all the fun sessions I have been able to do, this one was at the top! I got to know this couple briefly on our short walk to this scenic spot and they are really a fun pair seem to be totally in sync with each other. I love seeing couples so in love with each other and watching as their hearts grow as they get to find out more about their soon to arrive baby.

    Together we got to find out the sex of their baby. No rain clouds were going to keep us from finding out this big news!

    For about 1 minute I was the only one who knew and could not contain my excitment as I handed them the correct color of the smoke gernade made for this type of photoshoot. As they waited for the big ok to pull the wire I got to watch how excited they were- so many emotions!

    The beautiful smoke color started to appear and I told them to look back.

    Well, you see what happened after that!

    I am so excited for them and can not wait for their maternity session in early summer! Feel free to share and comment your thoughts!

    Gender reveal maternity session at Swan Falls with Boise photographer Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyGender reveal smoke bomb with Engola Gaye Gender reveal maternity session on the snake river canyon with Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyFun gender reveal session with Boise photographer Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyHappy couple gender reveal session with smoke bombs and gorgeous Idaho sceneryGorgeous couple on a cliff with smoke bombs with Huckleberry Cloud Photography of Boise IdahoBoise maternity photographer with couple for gender reveal session- Huckleberry Cloud Photography

  • Boise Lumberjack Cake Smash Session

    Lumberjack Smash

    02 :: 24 :: 2018

    Another week, another fun session blog!

    This little man was giving out so much personality at his session! Last fall I did his family's session and it's been awesome to see him add onto his development list over just a small span of time. He went from sitting to running in just a few months! His smile is still just so darn adorable!

    This little guy's mom has many talents- the board and cake are all her!

    I hope you enjoy this! I have ONE spot open for smash cake sessions for March/April - be sure to message me if interested!

    Lumberjack smash cake session with buffalo plaid at Studio Boise Photography CenterAdorable lumberjack buffalo plaid smash cake session done by Boise photographer Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyBoise smash cake photographer Huckleberry Cloud Photography doing a fun lumberjack sessionFun smash cake session done in a boise studio by Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyWoodsy lumberjack smash cake session images by Huckleberry Cloud Photography taking place at Studio Boise Photography Center

    Visit Huckleberry Cloud Photography on Facebook or stroll through the portfolio session to see more fun sessions!


  • Aviator Smash Cake

    Jace's Aviator Smash Cake Session

    02 :: 09 :: 2018

    This little boy steals my heart each time! It's been a joy to document major parts of his first year of life. I had the pleasure to do his parents maternity session, his birth story session as well as fresh 48 and lifestyle newborn. So when his mom messaged me for a smash cake session before they pcs overseas I was so happy to say yes! I loved being able to meet with him again- and boy did he grow since his newborn session!

    With his famiyl being an Air Force family and his nursery being full of adorbale little biplanes and gorgeous shades of blue, it was pretty obvious what his session theme would be- and it was perfect! So much fun celebrating with him for this huge milestone!

    I hope you enjoy looking through the session!

    Cake artist: Kristina Ann Cakes

    Boise Smash Cake Studio Session with Aviator ThemeAmazing Aviator set up of a Boise studio smash cake session with huckleberry cloud photographyAirplane studio smash cake session with Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyStudio Boise Photography Center smash cake sessionBoise Idaho Smash Caker Photographer, Aviator themeHuckleberry Cloud Photography's Aviator Smash Cake session at Studio Boise

  • A Lifestyle Farm Session

    A Day In The Life

    01 :: 15 :: 2018

    Ah! What can I say about this session that isn't visibly obvious? It was FUN and so relaxed! These boys are so sweet and happy and it's always a pleasure to work with this kind family!

    I've known this family for a few years now and Becky is a wonderful person through and through. She has been the owner of a local online boutique Crunchy Mom Life (https://www.crunchymomlife.com/) and I have not only ordered a few of my favorite diaper and natural family items from her but I have done a product shoot for her about 2 years ago as well for a promo. I can honestly recommend saving that link for future reference!

    When she contacted me saying she wanted a true lifestyle session where I just captured parts of their land and their family how they really are, I fell madly in love with the thought. She wanted to capture this happy place her family was in and their home to be able to share with her children forever. When the session ended it was everything we thought it would be. These images will bring back some great memories! What a wonderful thing to have tangible memories capturing your children at their current age with all their personalities and current life as you know it through photography!

    After all, THESE are the "good ol days" right??

    I hope you enjoy looking through these! Feel free to give this blog a share and visit more of my website as well! I'd love to hear your ideas on a fun session this summer!


    Farm Lifestyle Family session with Huckleberry Cloud Photography

    Family Farm Lifestyle Session with Farm animals and children, Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyFamily Session on a Farm in Star Idaho with Boise photographer Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyChild portraits by Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyFamily Portraits on a Farm field in Star Idaho by Boise family photographer Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyIdaho Farm Lifestyle Session with couple on thier Star family farm Brothers walking hand in hand on their family farm captured by Huckleberry Cloud Photography- Boise's family and lifestyle photographerSplashing in mud during a lifestyle family session in Star Idaho with Huckleberry Cloud Photography, a Boise Idaho Based photographerLifestyle Family Photo on their Star farm captured by Huckleberry Cloud Photography of Boise

  • ONEderland Smash Cake Session


    01 :: 23 :: 2018

    I was so excited when an amazing mom asked me to do a winter onederland smash cake session for her daughter. This had been a theme I was looking forward to doing for over a year! I have several on my theme "wish list" by the way- there are just so many cute ideas!

    Here are some of the highlights and a play by play of this fun cake smash session!

    Boise Smash Cake Photographer- ONEderland themeBoise Smash Cake Photographer - Studio Boise -Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyBoise Idaho Smash Cake Studio Photographer- Huckleberry Cloud Photographer with girly ONEderland themeHuckleberry Cloud Photography is one of Boise's most popular smash cake photographers!A super fun smash cake session with Boise's Huckleberry Cloud Photography done at Studio Boise Photography CenterPink ONEderland smash cake session done at Studio Boise Photography Center with photographer Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyBoise Cake Smash photography session includes a fun bubble bath afterwards! with Huckleberry Cloud Photography

    If you are thinking of booking a milestone session such as a Smash Cake studio or outdoor session please send me an email through the inquiry tab! It's best to book these sessions up to three months in advance to ensure we have prime availability for you!

    Cake: Kristina Ann Cakes

    Studio: Studio Boise Photography Center


  • Mountain Engagement Session

    Love is an adventure!

    10 :: 01 :: 2017

    I am all for big life events and family milestones- that includes the moments leading up to tying the knot! Celebrating this moment with this amazing, fun couple was certainly an honor. To say we got some interesting weather within our hour session would be putting it simply. On a very cloudy day our session started off with the clouds breaking free for some gorgeous evening light only to turn quickly into a really dense mountain fog. Soon though, the snow clouds rushed in (seriously out of no where) and we began to be snowed on for the last part of our session. That didn't stop us from having a great time and these two just rolled with it and embraced it all. When you think about it for a bit, it kinda discribes what marriage is really like -unpredictable, a mix of showers and sunshine and enjoying all the in between hand in hand. One reason out of many why this high-school sweetheart couple is so meant to be!

    Here is a little bit from their dreamy session!

    Moutnain Engagement session in Boise Idaho with photographer Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyCouple enbracing at the top of the Boise mountains Boise Photographer capturing a playful moment during a couple's mountain engagement sessionBeautiful fall mountain session with Huckleberry Cloud Photography with couple enbracing on top of a rocky cliffDetails shots of engagement ring and couple showing emotion during their mountain engement session with Boise PhotographerCouple embracing during their autumn engagement session on top of the mountainsCouple's engagment session on a mountian top with Huckleberry Cloud Photography in Boise Idaho

    Please check out any previous blogs if you enjoyed this one! I'd love to hear from you if you are interested in booking your 2018 session with Huckleberry Cloud Photography!

    Do not download these images- per copyright law all rights are reserved.

  • Special Announcement!

    Big News and a Fun Way to Share!

    09 :: 09 :: 2017

    I love to get invited to celebrate all special moments with families! Many times these moments are huge milestones in life, just like this one here. In case you didn't know already, you are about to!

    Bri and Cody are about to be a family of three!

    Here are some highlights from their extremely fun and sweet session with me!

    Sweet pregnancy announcement photosession along the boise river with photographer Huckleberry Cloud Photography Couples session along the Boise river Romantic and sweet couples session to announce their pregnancy to friends and family with Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyLifestyle Couples session with natural romantic poses capturing emotions of love and happiness with Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyCouples session where couple splashes water during their lifestyle photoshoot with Huckleberry Cloud Photography in the Boise river

    This couple was so sweet and amazing to work with! They have a whole new world of happiness headed their way!

    Have a milestone headed your way? I am currently booking for 2018 including maternity, birth stories, newborns and smash cakes! Message me through the inquiry tab or find me on Facebook to get started!

  • Maternity Gowns

    Maternity Gowns For Your Maternity Session

    Below is a list of all maternity gowns currently in Huckleberry Cloud Photography's "closet". With each image there is a description to give you all the information you need on color and fit! Refer to any emails or messages to get the latest on if any new gowns have been added to the collect- the closet is always growing!

    For each 1 hour maternity session there is an option to include a maternity gown portrait segment to your gallery. This is best done right at sunset and can inlude 1-2 maternity gowns of your choice. Slips and prop shorts are available. Please contact me if you have any questions, I'm here to help!


    Gown 1- Vibrant green lace gown that has long butterfly sleeves and is floor length. Fits XS-L.

    Huckleberry Cloud Photography Maternity Photographer from Boise in the foothills

    Gown 2- Mauve pink maxi gown with option of open or closed front and extra long length. Fits S-XL.

    Gown 3- Plum purple maxi gown with sweetheart halter with the option of having an open or closed front. The gown is floor length and fits XS-L.

    Huckleberry Cloud Photography professional maternity session

    Gown 4- This low cut v-neck, floor length gown is a sheer creme lace and provides lots of stretch to be form fitting. Fits XS-M.

    Huckleberry Cloud Photography's Maternity Prop Gowns

    Gown 5- This gorgeous white lace scoop neck gown is fully lined and best fits XS-M.Boise Idaho maternity session with the founder of Oh Stay Calm Naturals ANA!

    Gown 6- This gown is gorgeous and comes in three colors- white, black and wine (red). This gown is floor length with a low cut v-neck. White fits XS-S and black and red fit XS-M

    Lace maternity gown for huckleberry cloud photogrpahy's maternity session in BoiseBlack Lace maternity gown used on a photosession in Boise Red maternity Gown used in Huckleberry Cloud Photography's model maternity session

    Gown 7- This fully lined, white lace gown is a favorite for sure! It is an extra long length with a sweetheart halter and lace drop sleeves. This gown best fits S-L.

    Maternity Gown Photo Session in Boise Idaho

    Gown 8- This deep plum purple gown is great all year round. This gown features long sleeves, sweetheart halter, form fitting stretch and has a mermaid extended train. This is a favorite in winter. This best fits S-L.

    Boise's Maternity Photographer

    Gown 9- This fully lined burgundy lace mermaid gown is stunning. This best fits S-L.

    Huckleberry Cloud Photography with Oh Stay Calm Natural's Ana!

    Gown 10- This is a cotton-lace white floor length gown with a v-neck line. It best fits XS-M.

    Gown 11- This gold gown is perfect for summer and fall! It is long and pleated with a flattering fitted low drop sleeve. This gown best fits S-M.

    Gown 12- This gown is a dark forest green with a shoulderless scoop neck lining, long sleeves and straight floor length drop. This gown best fits XS-M.

    Maternity gown mountain snow session in Boise

    Below are other images from these gowns! Please let me know which gowns you would like to incorportate in your session and feel free to ask for any advice based on location, color and season!

    It is unlawful to download or alter any image posted in this blog or website with out permission. Enjoy!

  • In Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

    In Home Newborn Session

    09 :: 11 :: 2017

    There is so much to love about this session! This couple is absolutely amazing and you can noticably see the love written all over them for their baby- and for each other!

    I got to meet Bryanna and her mother during her maternity session. Her husband would be returning from his deployment the weekend after that session so we all had our fingers crossed baby boy would hang in there for him.

    He did! A week after his daddy returned, Nicholas arrived. Six days later I got to meet him for his newborn session. HE WAS A DREAM TO PHOTOGRAPH! He was so sweet and slept so well during his posed Just Baby session and had fun cuddling with his parents. Mom worked hard on his nursery so we had to hop in there and grab some photos- I'm a little obsessed!


    Take a look!

    Lifestyle Newborn Photography Boise with Huckleberry Cloud Photogrpahy in Boise with a Star Wars NurseryStar Wars nursery used in an in home lifestyle newborn session in mountain home idaho by Huckleberry Cloud PhotogrpahyLifestyle newborn session for military couple in mountain home air force base by Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyLifestyle newborn session for military couple in mountain home air force base by Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyLoving in home newborn session in Mountain Home Idaho by Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyIn home newborn session in Mountain Home Idaho for military couple with newborn photographer Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyLifestyle newborn session for military couple in mountain home air force base by Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyEach lifestyle newborn session comes with an option to add in a Just Baby session! This is a posed session with just the baby done in your home right after the lifestyle session!

  • Fun Dress Up Mini Session

    Let's have fun!

    07 :: 30 :: 2017

    Sometimes a mini session is absolutely all you need and it is a great investment to professionally document throughout the years- each year is so different! For this little lady, my entire morning was made. Yes there was wonderful lighting and we got to play with some of my fun prop dresses but her gorgeous smile made it all spectactular! Dad playing airplane with her little sister had her in absolute giggles which of course melted my heart completely seeing that sisterly love!

    Here is a look at some of our session! It's wonderful getting to meet new families- check out my business Facebook page (in folder labeled smash cake and first birthdays) to see her sisters adorable smash cake session! http://www.facebook.com/huckleberrycloudphotography

    Child Mini Session with gorgeous prop dresses for 3 year old by Huckleberry Cloud PhotographyChild Mini session for yearly portraits3 year old mini session for yearly updates with Huckleberry Cloud Photography