Meet the creative!

Hi there! I'm Brandy, the creative mind behind the camera of Huckleberry Cloud Photography! One of my most asked questions during sessions is how long I have been a photographer. The answer is - a lot of years - more than I want to admit. I have been a full time photographer and business owner since 2015. Like many other photograhers, I started my business after many requests to capture other families and children after sharing photos from my own home life and adventures. After my second baby was born I began to wildly document my in home activities as I learned with my first that no baby will take their time growing, learning or developing. I wanted to enjoy every bit of these new milestones and have something tangible to hold on to of the moments that have past. This is part of the passion of where my specialities in maternity, birth and first year milestones come to play!

Let's get away from the business side of my life! I am a mother to two toddlers (yes, I love coffee), a wife to my high school best friend and a huge advocate of community, volunteering and adventure. I have long term volunteered for a local social service based non profits as a peer mentor for new mothers in addition to volunteering photography services to nonprofit events. I currently hold a BA in Psychology and will be returning shortly to earn my Masters in Social Work. Another passion of mine is child development and family relations and, you guessed it, yet again where some of my love of milestone sessions comes to play a hand in.

I am also a huge fan of adventure and travel- do not hesitiate to ask me to follow you along a grand adventure I will probably attempt a cart wheel!

Maternity, Birth and Lifestyle Newborn

Maternity, birth and lifestyle newborn sessions are my most popular sessions. I have even created a perfect bundled deal for these and other combinations of milestones in order to make the choice super simple on what all you want documented - all of it! Not only are these my most popular but they are some of the most dear sessions that I get to be apart of. I am so honored to be able to capture these once in a lifetime family moments.


Maternity sessions have become quite popular in the last decade and I love it! There is very little other moments in a woman's life when she is more radiant than during pregnancy- a lot of it is hormones (let's be real) but so much of it is from love! Whether it is your very first pregnancy or your fourth it is always fun to document the moments just weeks before there is a new addition into your family. It's a wonder thing to be able to share with your child years down the road!


Birth sessions are something that is still a growing trend and I am so happy that it is becoming more popular - what an amazing experience to be able to look back on. Many mothers describe their birth as empowering, emotional, raw and simply beautiful. No matter how you birth it is sure to be a breathtaking moment. There is never a dry eye in any of the birth rooms I have had the pleasure to attend. Fathers and doulas are able to provide full support to the laboring mother while I capture a photojournalistic style behind the scenes of everything that is happening. I always tell dads, "hold her hand while I hold the camera" and it's like instantly they are relieved and able to just be present without worrying about getting photos of the beautiful moments to come. No matter what, a baby is only born once. Be sure to hire a professional with experience in multiple lighting situations and with full knowledge of the birth process, hospital policies and how to support the entire family through the labor.


Lifestyle newborn sessions are the perfect way to capture your new baby in a relaxed, familiar environment. This session is all about capturing love and conncetion that the family has for this new arrival. During this session we will document you family is a way that you will remember forever as how you really were. Older siblings no matter their age do really well in this session type allowing us the ability to capture authentic moments, often ones of curiousity and love over the new addition. These first bonding moments are so precious for everyone involved and moms, you need to be in them. Gentle and authentic diection is given to help make this all happen. For a limited time, one posed newborn position is included! Definitly the best of both worlds when it comes to newborn photography! In addition, lifestyle newborn is never rushed. Take comfort that during yoru session you will have someone experienced in newborn safety and development- I will understand their cues and they are the boss! These sessions are perfect for babies from 1-4 weeks of age.


The entire first year milestones are available in a variety of ways, how awesome is it to develop a relationship with a professional to capture each stage who really will enjoy watching them conquerer all their many developmental milestones and see their personality flourish over time. Of course- they should very much take their sweet time growing up!

About Huckleberry Cloud Photography

Why a lifestyle session approach?

So what is lifestyle photography all about? Let me tell you, I'm sure you will love this approach as much as I do!

How many of you have looked back through your parents or grandparents albums that they kept of us when we were kids? If you have seen any of these or any other loose prints laying around from your childhood you probably know the nostalgic feeling I am talking about. Do we care that not everyone is totally made up or in perfectly coordinating outfits? Not at all. All we care about is that there are real family memories with our loved ones.

Lifestyle photography is made of gentle and authentic direction, a perfect mix between awkwardly candid and unnaturally posed. Lifestlye is about capturing connection in a creative way. These little prints from our childhood really make these memories come alive and I want to help create these moments for you and your family to have in the future as well!

There have been so many times where life gets crazy busy and I forget to document the little things like making muffins Saturday morning or using that great evening to throw rocks into the Boise river. Honestly, no matter how much the salesman at the store tries to tell me how great my camera attached to my phone is- my toddlers will be blurry. Fact. This is where inviting a professional photographer into the mix really helps create these frozen in time moments you are having with your children, your baby or your spouse so that you and your children have these tangible little memories decades down the road. I want that for myself and I want that for you!